I recently made the transition from inking by hand, to inking entirely in photoshop. It has taken my art to an entirely new level. It's great when you can step out of your comfort zone and embrace changes. It has improved the quality of my line work and my overall finished product. Above, you can see that I am inking over the lines of a scanned sketch. Next, I start dropping the colors on separate layers beneath the inked layer. Then, I add some shading, highlights, and the final step below is filling in the black lines with colored lines. Take a look below at the finished custom DJ character for DJ Steve S. 

Added this finished Demonic DJ Steve S. Check out some more designs added to the Hip-Hop Page!
It started off as a demon, but kind of looks like a vampire.
Halloween devil costume
Well, Halloween is about 7 months away, but the monsters came out ahead of schedule! I always enjoyed designing halloween themed illustrations, so when I was asked to come up with some, I went to work immediately. In the latest commission by DJ Steve-S, four characters were designed. Three dressed in their devil costumes and one spinning on a demonic looking set of turntables. Since the sketches were approved last night, they are well under way to being colored. I will work on adding some cool lighting effects when I get started. A cool tip for great lighting reference is to take some pictures of yourself with a flashlight lit underneath your face in a dark room. I took over 15 photos and ended up with so many great shots. The toughest part of coloring for me has always been figuring out interesting light sources and how the shadows are cast. I am really looking forward to coloring these samples up. Stay tuned for updates.